My Grandmas Haunted House

Nice to see you return.

I can tell that by you coming back, I have definitely peaked some interest. Like I have said before, the paranormal arena is one that is for a specific breed. A breed that needs to stay together, since we are all alike. That was of course the purpose of this blog. A community of paranormal researching fanatics!


For any reason you missed my last post, hop over here to catch up.


So today I want to talk about what really got me hooked. I know I have talked about how I watched something that got me intrigued. But there was one thing that really got me. It was probably because it actually happened to me.


You see my grandma lived in this old house that had been passed down each generation. Picture an old house straight out of a movie. That creepy house that everyone always thought was haunted. That was THIS HOUSE.

That creepy house that everyone always thought was haunted. That was THIS HOUSE.

Me and my cousins used to spend a lot of time there growing up. Since are parents were always working, this was more of our house then the others at times.


As I look back now, there were a lot of weird things that happened there. It wasn’t until I really started to dig deep into paranormal activity that it all started making sense.


The night everything changed.


The one night I stayed by myself.

My parents had gone out on a “date night” and of course dropped me off at grandmas house.


At this point, we had “thought” we had heard weird noises. Or a light flicker here and there.


But this night was different.


It all started around midnight.


I kept hearing noises. kinda like footsteps.


It sounded like someone was running. It would happen every 5 minutes. Get quiet, and then again.

After about 20 minutes, I was freaked out.


So I went upstairs to check. To be honest, I was pretty freaked out yes, but it was like a jolt of excitement was running through my body.


As I walked upstairs, I promise you, I saw a figure. Till this day I have no idea what it was, but I know it looked right at me, got quiet, and then I heard those footsteps again.


This changed everything for me, because it was real. I saw it, I felt it. And I was excited for more. I wanted to feel that rush again.

And now that I knew that it was real, It made me want to find more situations like this.


The next day I asked my grandma about it, and she blew me off like I was crazy and just being a kid, but I knew what I saw.


Have you guys had an experience like this before?


If so, share below!


See you guys tomorrow.