Did Anyone Believe Me? Part 2

Alright, by now your suspense has probably grown like crazy. I hated to have to do that to you guys, but I gotta keep you guys coming back. If I would’ve given you all the goods all up front, It wouldn’t have been as good.


You gotta admit that I am right.


Anyway, this is part 2 of my post from yesterday, which you can check out here if you haven’t yet.


So what was this plan that Sean and I put together to get into my grandma’s house? Remember, she clearly did not want me there after I told her what I had seen that night.


Well, it took some time to come up with, but we decided to get our parents to go out on a couples date night.on a night when we knew there would be no one else to watch us, but my grandma.

The tricky part was getting them to go out on a night when we knew there would be no one else to watch us, but my grandma.


Seans dad, who owns and operates a company by the name of Landscaping Mcallen, was always working. So this was an issue too. Finding a day where he could get off of work as well.


This took some time…


But, we finally made it happen.


The night was a Friday night..


We knew that our parents would be out pretty late, so they would be picking us up in the morning. All we had to do was wait for my grandma to go to bed, which she fought at first.


How did I know this? Well she drank some coffee around 9:30pm, which I know for a fact she never drinks coffee after 3 or 4pm.


This was a clear sign that she did not want us to be awake by ourselves.


But for some reason, which I am thankful for, she still knocked out around 11pm.


It was on..


Nothing for an hour. And the clock stroke midnight.


and the noises began.

same as last time. this time it was louder. and it would get louder every single time.


Sean and I ran upstairs the first time, and didn’t see anything. So we go back downstairs and wait for the noise again. We did this a couple times, and still nothing.


Finally, after the noises got so loud, we ran as fast as we could, and that did it.


there it was. This figure looking right at us. This time it seemed bigger.


I could literally hear Sean breathing so hard.


We both looked at each other, and then looked back at the figure, but it was gone. We had both seen it though.


At this point I knew everything was real now. I had a partner in crime. I had someone that was just as interested in the crazy world of paranormal activity as I was. And we both wanted more.

This is how my career in paranormal research started.


I know there is so many questions running through your minds, comment below anything you want to know, and let’s get a discussion going.